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Tell us your ideas

It can be a simple email or contact via a contact form, what matters is that we make contact and start the conversation. Through the conversation you will present your ideas, wishes and requirements to us and then we will discuss them together.

Let's analyze the project

In the second step, we analyse the project and discuss which technologies will be used. In this step, you also explain your requirements and wishes in detail and attach a possible design draft.

Preparing the offer

We will use all the information we have previously gathered to make you an offer. We will discuss the offer and, once we are all in agreement and the papers are signed, we will start working immediately.

Project development

As soon as the plan is approved, we get to work. This ensures that all work is done on time and to a high standard. We are in contact with you throughout the development, which means that you always know where we are in the project.

Analysis, testing and handover

The project is now complete, and now comes the analysis of the work done and the testing from our side, as well as yours. After testing, the project is complete and ready for use.


After project is completed, we can also maintain it. If you choose us, we'll make sure the project is always running smoothly, has the latest security patches installed and has regular backups.

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At we are always listening. Get in touch using the form below and we will respond back as soon as we can. Usually it doesn't take more than 1 working day.