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From custom plug-ins and modules to fully custom web applications, I work closely with you to understand your requirements and develop solutions that are scalable, reliable, and efficient. Whether you need to streamline your operations, increase productivity, or enhance your online presence, custom development services will help you unlock the full potential of your business.

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Sometimes your project just requires some form of custom development. If it's a website or something similar, I usually try to solve it with already established solutions, but sometimes, the request is so specific that no currently available solution fits perfectly and in that case, I suggest custom development.


Because syncing should be automatic and worry-free.

Imaging a situation when you have a CRM software and it generates reports on every action you take. At the end of the day, you would like to get a summary of these actions in your email, but the CRM software doesn’t support this.

We decided to create a service, that would once a day, after your working hours, generate the summary of actions and send it to your email. We could further extend it in a way that it would automatically create a WordPress post for it or do any other action you wish.


Because software should connect with each other.

Imagine that you would like to create a new user in your CRM right after one user registers on the website.  Chances are that this kind of integration does not exist yet, but it’s no problem for us.

We can create our own and we can create it in a way that it will be the perfect solution for your problem and tailored just for you.

Plugin development

Because you need a functionality not found anywhere else.

Let’s say we are working on your brand new website, and you decide to add another functionality to it, but the plugin for this does not exist yet.

So what can we do? We can create our own plugin and implement your desired functionality.

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