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Keeping website up to date is important

But why it's important?

Creating a website that looks great and feels fast is important, but that's only half a battle. It's very important for users that your website works and that it works as fast as the first day, even after countless updates. When you choose website maintenance, you ensure that anyone who interacts with your website will always get the best experience possible.

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We will monitor your website overall health and performance, keep your website up to date, create backups and help you with changes.
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Regular updates

Because only up to date website is secure website
When the website is new, everything is updated to the latest stable version, but over a time, there are countless new software releases. Some of them adds new functionality, and some of them improves on security, and some of them are just bug fixes. And especially because of the last two, it’s important that your website is up-to-date. You don’t want your page to get hacked or be broken, do you?

We will update your website and plugins and keep everything up to date.


Because if something goes wrong, you can still sleep well
When you publish the website and start publishing new content, everything gets stored on some server somewhere. And the server can also get hacked, or it can crash, and it brings down your website. You don’t want that, and it goes without saying that having regular backups somewhere else is important.

So, we make sure that you will have backups in place if something like this ever happens to you. And we help you with restoration, also.

Performance monitoring

Because it's important to fix performance issue as soon as possible
It’s good to perform performance and availability test once in a while and see how the websites stands. If the score is low, it is wise to analyze the website why it happens and then try to fix the reason. We can help you with that, so that your website will run smoothly.

Content updates

Because you don't always have time to publish new blog
A website without content is nothing, and to grow and attract new audience, you must regularly update with new content. The problem is, as a business owner, you don’t always have time to prepare and post new content to your website.

That is why we are offering you an option to just send us a text, images or just an email with new product, and we will post new updates on the website. That way, you will never have to deal with a backend system and have a dilemma on how to update something. We will do it for you.

Active Support

Because sometimes you may have questions, and we will have the answers

When you feel that something is off on the website, when the website works slow or when the email just doesn’t arrive, we offer you a service, where you can notify us about the problem. When we receive your request, we will check the website and make sure that everything is okay on your site. You can contact us with anything, really:

  • When adding new content
  • When updating a page
  • Technical problem
  • Whey you just don’t know what button to push
  • And everything else